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CUBIC lives an active ecological attitude for the sustainable protection of our earth.

we have already proven ourselves in environmental protection in the past, however, we do not rest on it, but continue to pay attention to the well-being of people and the environment.

efficient, resource-saving processes

in the development and production of our furniture, 3d objects and in our solutions for organic walls and ceilings, we rely on processes that aim to significantly reduce the waste of raw materials, to reintegrate residual materials into the cycle of use, to organize purchasing and ordering processes in such a way that emissions from truck deliveries are reduced to a minimum.

the resource-saving solar energy for the production, we get from our own photovoltaic plant.

modern environmental protection technologies and raw materials

we replace fossil fuels with renewable raw materials wherever it makes sense from a technical, economic and ecological point of view.

our PUR² climbing holds, which are made from one-third soybean oil, serve as an example.

we coat our street furniture with a solvent-free and recyclable polyurea that is completely harmless in use and thus less harmful to the environment.

for production we have been using filters (active coke filters) for a very long time, in which the exhaust air is cleaned to prevent emissions and to produce in an environmentally friendly way.

meaningful recycling

wherever possible, we try to avoid or reduce waste. where technically possible and sensible, we recycle waste materials. for example, our waste EPS (styrofoam) is reused in the production of paints and plasters.

many of the materials we use are waste materials similar to household waste or can be recycled. when all recycling options have been exhausted, we dispose of waste in a proper and environmentally sound manner.

we offer our customers the opportunity to take back CUBIC products that are replaced, renewed, etc. and to dispose of them in an environmentally friendly and professional manner.