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CUBIC frequently asked questions (FAQ)

what is the cost of CUBIC products?

for detailed cost information on our furniture, 3d objects, organic walls / facades, please send us an email to info@cubic.co.at with the following data:

company name (optional), contact person, e-mail, phone number, information about the product

if you send us a request with your data, you agree that we may process your data and send you info and price lists.

can objects be weighted or fixed?

yes, weighting is done by installing weight bodies, which add varying amounts of additional weight depending on the size of the object, or the option of one or more integrated floor mounts, which requires that you are also allowed to drill holes in the ground at the installation site.

does the color (uv-resistant => red) hold up?

yes, the colors are lightfast and light resistant and behave the same way as colors of vehicles.
we recommend the use of rather lighter colors for seating objects so that the furniture does not heat up too much from sunlight and the users experience an unpleasant sensation as a result.

what can be done against soiling such as graffiti?

on request, we protect our furniture with an additional special coating that simplifies the cleaning of graffiti and smudges, allowing the surfaces to be cleaned again with little effort.

what can be done if the objects are damaged?

there is a repair kit specifically for this purpose, which can be used to repair minor wilful damage.

the paint can then also be reapplied manually.

in case of severe damage, we offer a repair service. if needed, please send details, such as a photo of the object and a short description of the problem to our info@cubic.co.at address.