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CUBIC furniture gives rooms new vitality and freshness

with CUBIC furniture, all interiors and spaces in public spaces as well as in representative and office spaces are staged in a unique way. they convey a new experience of communication, relaxation, working or playing.

the name CUBIC stands for diversity, individuality and freedom of form.
we are ergonomic, modern in outfit and flexible to combine freely.
CUBIC is as unique as any place this furniture sets the scene.

what makes CUBIC furniture

we are …

  • colored, ergonomic and create attention
  • extremely robust and defy frost, fire, water, acids and UV light
  • can be freely planned and combined with other materials (leather, wood, felt, artificial grass etc.) and technologies (solar and lighting technology)
  • basically hard, but can also be soft
  • stackable, adjustable and recyclable
  • affordable and financeable
  • ergonomic and have a healthy sitting and lying shape

our unique CUBIC services

financing service

the motto here is leasing instead of buying.

rental service

Sometimes it is enough to rent CUBIC furniture for a short time.

take-back of furniture / disposal

upon request, we will dispose of them in an environmentally and professional manner and recycle old materials for high, efficient value creation

repair service

we are happy to repair minor damage to your CUBIC furniture for you.

delivery / assembly service

on request, we can deliver your CUBIC furniture reliably worldwide and ensure professional assembly.

gps localization

be prepared in case of an emergency. with the gps location system, CUBIC furniture can be easily arranged and found.

anti graphity coating

to protect your CUBIC furniture from creative “sprayers”, we offer an anti graphity coating. this means that all traces can be easily removed.

individual.design / branding

create your own CUBIC furniture. 100% tailored to your requirements and needs. Whether individual colors, shapes or materials and technologies or personalization of the furniture with your logo, coat of arms or a special motif – no wishes remain unfulfilled. our designers support you to achieve the best result for you.

360° furniture view

configure your desired furniture in our 3D product viewer. click through our standard furniture and try out numerous color combinations.

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water resistant


chlorine/salt water.resistant








optional *

soft *

gps.integrable *

integrable solar part *

anti.graffiti *

stackable *

branding *

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